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QR templates
You can customize your own QR code or choose from any inbuilt QR templates, to begin with.
No information or data of the QR codes would be collected without your consent. We only keep an account of those data that you wish to share with us.
Highly customizable
You get the chance to customize your own QR codes anytime with unique color and design options. Also, users get access to customize the body of the QR using multiple options.
Tracking pixels
We offer access to track pixels on different platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.
There are no limitations with us as your QR codes neither expire nor have any scanning limits.
Custom domains
With your QR codes, you can easily connect your own domains, short URLs, and landing page URLs.

Static QR codes

Static QR codes are perfect at times when QR code does not need to be updated. They have an embedded URL alongside a fixed destination.

  • These are fully customizable in nature.
  • Does not have an expiry date.
  • Privacy of the clients is never hampered.

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes are those which give users access to edit the encoded content. To be precise, these include pictures, links, texts, and websites. There is no need to reprint the QR code at all.

  • Edit and change the QR code anytime required.
  • Track the performance and get complete statistics.
  • Use a treasure trove of data to improve your campaign
  • Add new items and also try A/B testing
  • Get demographic information about the visitors and the type of device they use to track the codes.

QR code types

Get your hands on our unique QR codes to connect with your visitors to any type of digital content.


Now generate customizable Text QR codes with us in no time.

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Get your hands on simple and customizable SMS QR codes in no time.

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Make easy and customized email QR codes with our Email QR code generator today.

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Create a WhatsApp QR code with the help of our simple and free WhatsApp QR code generator.

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Now generate simple and customized facetime QR codes using our Facetime QR code generator.

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Time to generate easy and customizable location QR codes with our location QR code generator.

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Time to create wifi QR codes using our wifi QR code generator without any cost.

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Launch your own simple and customized event QR code using our event QR code generator.

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Launch easy and customized crypto QR codes using our crypto QR code generator

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Generate quick and customized Vcard QR codes using our Vcard QR code generator.

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Now generate PayPal payment QR codes using our PayPal QR code generator.

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