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Launch your event QR codes using our amazing event QR code generator today !!

Businesses always organize events to increase brand awareness and gain customers. It could either be a conference event, social meet-up, exhibition, or corporate one.

Understanding the tough competition of today's time and being willing to make things easier, we have come up with a platform where you can create event QR codes by making a number of clicks. Our event QR code generator allows you to create customized event QR codes which can be scanned through an imaging device.

It would help the end-users to get complete details about an event by taking them to an optimized landing page. From the event title, venue, banner images to timing and other descriptions, everything is offered to the audience.

Furthermore, the QR codes created using our Event QR Code Generator are totally editable. This means you can change any details about the event without creating a new QR code.

The existing one would do the same work for you just like a new one would. Our free event QR code generator also allows you to add logos of your own so that you can continue with your branding strategy anytime.

What information can be offered to the audience via an event QR code?

There are tons of things you can do with an event QR code created using our Online Event QR Code Generator. From adding a featured image, customized brand colors, to comprehensive information, you can fill it all in.

Other than that, you can include the list of amenities that the guests would get access to. Furthermore, you can add the contact information of the event organizer or manager alongside a sharing option for the users to share the event page with others.

Having an event QR code helps to keep all the details in one convenient place. It also adds a touch of professionalism to your business that impacts positively on the audience. Not to mention, it is also a highly preferred way of event marketing in this competitive era.

Why should you choose us as your event QR code generator?

We are a reliable Free Event QR Code Generator where you can easily create event QR codes alongside others like URL, Phone, WhatsApp, and so on. Our platform has been listed as the trusted one because you will never have to worry about your details getting leaked. We do not store any of your information with us without the consent of the users.

Our Online Free Event QR Code Generator allows you to create simple and customized event QR codes where you can get highly creative.

From adding colors, patterns to shapes and logos to the event QR codes, we allow you to do it all. Our event QR codes can hold more than 6000 characters without causing any inconvenience.

Moreover, we offer different format options which you can choose to download the QR codes without compromising the quality. The event QR codes are highly readable and scannable in nature.

Our experts have also implemented an advanced function in our platform called error correction. This feature allows the QR codes to get scanned easily even when they are distorted.

Not to mention, our event QR codes are used by different industries like real estate agencies, event management companies, hotels, and resorts.

Frequently asked questions !!

  1. Which format should be picked for printing the event QR codes?

    Once you have created event QR codes using our free event QR code generator, make sure to print to make the best use of them.

    We offer different event QR code formats options which you can choose to download the codes. These include SVG, EPS, JPG, and more. We also have the PDF format available for you.

    It does not matter which format you choose, our platform allows you to download the codes in high resolution so that you do not have to compromise the quality when printing them.

  2. How are event QR codes useful?

    Event QR codes created using our event QR code generator are useful in many ways.

    They can be used for different purposes that include sharing multimedia content with the guests, the location of the venue, adding events to their calendar, and gaining access to the event's details.

    But that's not it !! The event QR codes created on our platform also allow the guests to share the event on the different social media platforms too.

  3. Which scanner is required to scan the event QR code?

    In order to scan the event QR code, you do not need to get any other imaging device. The event QR codes created using our free online event QR code generator are highly scannable.

    However, your smartphone will do enough if it has an inbuilt QR code scanner.

    In case, your smartphone does not have one, you can then choose to download a third-party QR code scanner from any preferred app store or browser.

  4. Do I need to have any technical knowledge to create the event QR codes?

    The short answer to this question is no. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to create the event QR code when using our event QR code generator.

    Keeping the diverse requirements of the users in mind, our experts have designed the platform in the simplest manner.

    We offer an easy and hassle-free process that you can follow to create QR codes immediately.

  5. Do I have to pay anything to create the event QR code?

    No, you do not have to pay a single dime if you choose our online event QR code generator to create an event QR code. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps to get started anytime.

    You would get access to tons of options and handy tools to become as creative as possible. Moreover, there are some features that you might have to unlock by purchasing a premium membership.