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Give your audience the right direction with our Location QR Code Generator !!

Many times people plan events at their homes and it becomes quite difficult for the guests to reach the venue. Other times similar issues can arise with your customers as well as they might find it hard to locate your business.

Not to mention, in all of this you tend to lose potential customers and some important guests. In order to overcome this issue, we have designed our highly simplified location QR code generator which you can use to create simple location QR codes.

A location QR code helps you to add details like the event date, time, and venue so that your guests or customers have no problem locating you. Once you have created the location QR code and shared it with them, your job is done. Now your audience will have to scan it to see where you want them to be.

Our online location QR code generator is quite easy to use and offers customization options as well. They are also easy to scan and provide accurate details about the location so that your audiences do not feel lost.

How to create a Location QR Code using our Location QR Code Generator?

Like mentioned earlier, our experts have designed one of the simplest Location QR Code Generators that you would find in today's time. All you have to do is choose the location QR code generator first to begin. After that, you have to add the link of the location from the maps where you want your customers or guests to reach.

Once you are done with the process, then proceed to choose the type of location QR code you want to have: dynamic or static. Then begin with the customization process using our Online Location QR Code Generator.

At our platform, you get tons of options starting from adding logos, colors, shapes, and patterns. You are allowed to be as creative as possible with us. By adding your logo, you can increase your brand visibility and tell your customers about your professionalism.

In the last process, you have to scan the location QR code to test it. Once you find it is working properly, you can download it right away. We offer different download formats from which you can choose according to your preference.

Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the quality of the QR codes created using our Free Location QR Code Generator. They are all of the high resolutions which makes them highly scannable and readable in nature.

Why should you choose our Location QR Code Generator?

We are a leading online platform where we allow users to use our location QR code generator without even spending a dime.

You can just come to our website any time and get started. We have tons of options available from which you can choose and location QR codes are one of them. Our online free location Qr code generator is far easier to use than you can think of.

The process is highly simplified which does not require one to have any kind of technical knowledge. All you have to do is follow the simple process as instructed to use the free location QR code generator.

After that, you just have to test it and download it to get started. We are a premium platform that offers tons of customization options too. Our users can enjoy the handy tools anytime without any issue.

Besides that, we do not keep any data of our users safe with us. You do not have to worry about your privacy by choosing our online location QR code generator. We are the most trusted platform that you would even come across who values your convenience more than anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I scan the Location QR Codes Using Maps?

    It does not matter which smartphone you use, maps do not come with a location QR code scanner.

    This means you will have to use your phone camera or inbuilt QR code scanner to scan the location QR code.

    In case, if your phone does not have a QR code scanner, then you can download a third-party application from your preferred app store.

  2. Can I add another location to my existing Location QR Code?

    The short answer to this question is yes. You can definitely add another location to the existing location QR code using our location QR code generator.

    This is because the location QR codes are dynamic in nature and allows you to change their location points in real-time.

    In other words, just follow the simple steps as instructed and select a new location for the QR code that you want to link to. Lastly, remember to save the changes.

  3. Is the Location QR Code Generator Free to use?

    The short answer to this question is yes. Our online location QR code generator is absolutely free to use.

    However, there are some advanced tools available which you might only get access to if you purchase the paid version.

  4. Where can the Location QR Codes be used?

    The location QR codes created using our free online location QR code generator can be used for many purposes.

    This starts from retail shops, schools, colleges, real estate properties, location wedding or event venues, churches and more.

    You can also use them for personal use as to locate your home to the guests who are coming to give a visit.

  5. How is Location QR Codes so effective?

    Location QR codes have gained popularity in recent years. From retargeting online on social media platforms to analyzing and tracking scans, they help in all these aspects.

    In other words, you can retarget the customers and increase the conversion rate.

    Also, you can find out how many customers have scanned the QR code and get other details like their location, time, and data of the scan.