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Create customized SMS QR codes with online SMS QR code generators now !!

Have you heard of SMS QR codes? Wondering what they are? SMS QR codes stand for Short Message Service and are basically used for text messaging as a form of communication between smartphones or other mobile devices.

With our SMS QR code generator, you can easily create SMS QR codes just by following a few simple steps. You can add more than 150 characters to the SMS QR code to work correctly.

Also, we give you the opportunity to add a logo of your brand to the SMS QR code. This would not only help you to gain brand awareness but make your customers understand your professionalism.

You can also add customization options including colors, printing formats, and more using our online SMS QR code generator.

How does our SMS QR code benefit you?

If you wish to create an SMS QR code using the Free SMS QR code generator, then know that we are the best platform to choose.

With our QR code generator, you would get access to tons of benefits including

How to create an SMS QR code using our SMS QR code generator?

Creating an SMS QR code using our Online SMS QR Code Generator is easier than ever.

All you have to do is select the SMS tab in the generator and then enter the mobile number on which you wish to receive the text message in the form of a shortcode.

Once the number has been entered in the Free SMS QR Code Generator, now include a predetermined text message so that your customers can send messages with little typing and effort.

After that, you can customize the SMS QR code using the Online Free SMS QR Code Generator. From call to action, frame, shapes, color to logos, we give you access to all of it so that you can promote your brand every second.

Lastly, save the created QR code and test it before downloading or printing it.

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