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Launch personalized URL QR codes with an Online URL QR code generator

A QR code can be defined as a type of barcode that can be read easily using digital devices. This stores information as a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid. They are used to track information regarding products and the supply chain.

There are multiple types of QR code solutions that you can use by choosing us to level up your marketing strategy. One of the most common types of QR code solutions is URL QR codes.

They are created after converting an URL into a QR code using our URL QR Code Generator. We being the leading platform helps you to generate URL QR codes anytime following a few simple steps.

You can scan the generated URL QR codes using any digital device to redirect your customers to your brand's website. We understand the growing competition in the market and this is why we look forward to offering amazing QR code solutions that can keep you a step ahead.

Where can you use URL QR codes generated using our online URL QR code generator?

It is unarguably true that businesses are understanding the importance of URL QR codes. With us, you can create and launch your customized URL QR codes and can use them for multiple purposes.


With the help of our Online URL QR Code Generator, you can create URL QR codes that can be used on websites.

If you run an online business, then our URL QR codes can act as a redirecting gateway for your customers towards your website.

We understand how gaining traffic could be a daunting task and hence our URL QR codes does it all with ease. Not to mention, you can also add a call to action and a frame to generate more scans.

Flyers and Brochures

Once you have generated the URL QR codes using our online free URL QR code generator, you can print them on flyers, pamphlets, brochures and distribute them to your customers.

Shopping bags

You can print QR codes on shopping bags as well. This is a great way to distribute your information through your potential buyers and get a reach immense success.

Our free URL QR code generator allows you to get access to high-resolution QR codes without compromising the quality. This means printing would not make scanning difficult nor will let you lose your customers.

Business cards

According to our team of experts, you can add professionalism to your brand besides gaining traffic by printing URL QR codes on business cards. This would make it easier for your targets to find out more details about your brand.

Store windows

If you want to promote a certain product or service, then use our free URL QR code generator.

After this hang it somewhere at your store window to attract the window shoppers and turn them into potential customers.

Create a URL QR code using a few simple steps !!

Creating a URL QR code may seem to be a daunting task for many. But with us, you don't need to have any technical or computer knowledge.

Just by following a few simple steps, you can create an URL QR code with our online free URL QR codes generator.

Simply start with converting the URL into a QR code using our URL QR code generator for free of cost. Our URL QR codes will never expire even if they are static in nature.

After that, you can copy-paste the URL link and then generate the QR code following the steps that are instructed. In the next step, you can choose the type of QR code according to your requirement which is either static or dynamic.

Then start with customization by adding colors, logos, and patterns to make it attractive and appealing. Lastly, you can download or print the QR code after scanning and checking it.

We believe in providing a hassle-free service which is why we offer a simplified process to follow. Our platform comes with ready-to-go options that can lessen your confusion. With our URL QR Code Generator, you would be making a wise investment of your precious time.

Convert URL to QR code with our free online QR code generator today !!

We are a professional and premium-free URL QR code generator in the online market of today's era. By choosing us you can quickly convert URLs into QR codes efficiently and effortlessly.

With tons of options available and rich features to utilize you can create custom-made QR codes anytime. You get access to inbuilt templates that you can choose to get started within one go.

We being the best Link QR code generator understand the importance and value of QR codes. When businesses are missing a chance to use it, they are simply letting their competitors win. QR codes have become an important marketing tool and we support you to reach your success.

Why should we be your first choice?

Being the top-rated Free URL QR Code Generator platform, our QR codes are highly scalable in nature. You can always count on us to grow your business without any obstacles.

Our flexible QR codes allow you to track and get insights into the scans. With our Online Free URL QR Code Generator, you can create and edit as much as QR codes in no time.

Get customizing options, set colors of your own, and add aesthetic elements accordingly. With the high resolution of QR codes and powerful design options, we have gained a reputation for being the best URL QR code generator on the web.

We also offer multiple vector formats without compromising the quality. All the URL QR codes generated with us can be used for free including for commercial purposes.

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