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Launch your own WhatsApp QR code with our WhatsApp QR code generator !!

A WhatsApp QR code can be defined as a Quick Response code that gives access to users to add their friends' and family members' contact details on WhatsApp.

You can also create a click to chat link which means you do not have to save someone's mobile number like the traditional way to add them to your chat list. Anyone who has an active WhatsApp account can use this on any device including mobile phones, tablets, or desktops.

As a newbie, one may think that creating WhatsApp QR codes would be a daunting task. But in reality, it's nothing like that if you choose us. Our WhatsApp QR code generator allows users to create QR codes just in a matter of time.

We offer an online WhatsApp QR code generator in our platform with tons of customization options and multiple tools that are handy in nature. Our WhatsApp QR code creating process is simplified and does not cost anything at all.

With the help of our WhatsApp QR code, your business can keep the customers informed about the latest products and services. Also one can keep operating their online shop customer service minimizing the errors and without wasting any time.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp QR codes?

WhatsApp QR codes are marking its relevance in the 21st century. The benefits it comes with are helping not just people in their business but also in their personal use.

However to be precise, here's a list of some benefits that using WhatsApp QR codes come with.

How can you create a WhatsApp QR code using our platform?

Creating a WhatsApp QR code using our WhatsApp QR code generator is far easier than you think. You don't have to go through a complex procedure to get started.

All you need to do is visit our website and choose the free WhatsApp QR code generator. Then select the URL on the menu to Insert the WhatsApp link (make sure to input the link of the WhatsApp account for which you want to create the QR code.)

After that use our online free WhatsApp QR code generator to generate the QR code. You can also choose to customize the QR code by adding colors, shapes, patterns, and even logos of your business. Lastly, make sure to test it before you download it or print it.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can the WhatsApp QR codes be used?

    WhatsApp QR codes created using our WhatsApp QR code generator have become a great solution for all WhatsApp users.

    One no longer has to input a person's contact details in the list before they choose to start a conversation.

    These WhatsApp QR codes can be used for many purposes including business engagement, organizational discussion, family, and personal affairs.

  2. What can you do with the help of our WhatsApp QR code generator?

    We are a premium and free WhatsApp QR code generator that offers simplified and easy creation options. With our QR code generator, you can get access to customize your links and even the style of the QR code.

    Besides that, you would get a chance to add colors, shapes, and logos to your brand as well.

    Moreover, you can also choose the appropriate QR code size to download in different formats and print it in high resolution without compromising the quality.

  3. Can I create a WhatsApp group QR code? And How?

    The short answer to this question is yes. You can definitely create a QR code for the WhatsApp group using our free WhatsApp QR code generator.

    In order to create it, you must have a WhatsApp group in which you are the admin.

    Then choose the option of inviting via the link and copy the link into our WhatsApp QR code generator. After that, design it and add customization accordingly before downloading it.

  4. How to scan WhatsApp QR code?

    WhatsApp QR codes can be easily scanned using any imaging device like a smartphone. These days smartphone cameras come with the feature of autofocus or an inbuilt QR code scanner.

    In case, if you do not have one, then you can download any third-party QR code scanner from your preferred app store.

    Moreover, the updated version of WhatsApp itself offers a scanner that can be used to scan QR codes.

  5. Should you use light colors while customizing the WhatsApp QR codes?

    Usually, people do use light colors while customizing the WhatsApp QR codes. But it is not recommended to use light colors as it makes scanning difficult.

    So make sure to use dark colors like blue or black in contrast with white background to make scanning easier.