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Create customized Wifi QR codes with our Wifi QR code generator now !!

You already know what a QR code is as you must have come across one. These days there are different types of QR codes available which are used for different purposes. Not to mention, they have made life easier for people in many ways.

One such type of QR code that you would come across is wifi QR codes that can be created using a wifi QR code generator. The wifi QR code makes it easier for your guests and your customers to get access to your home or store wifi connection.

In other words, your visitors will not have to type the password manually, and neither you have to share it with them publicly. Our wifi QR code created using our online wifi QR code generator helps the end-users to join any wifi network effortlessly.

We have a simplified free wifi QR code generator that reduces the hassle and gives you the access to create customized QR codes just by making a few clicks.

What are the benefits of choosing our wifi QR code generator to create wifi QR codes?

Wondering why you need a wifi QR code? Or why should you choose our free wifi QR code generator? Well, then here are a few benefits listed below that you must check out.

Why should you choose our wifi QR code generator?

We are one of the premium and trusted WiFi QR Code generators that are chosen by thousands of people across the world. With us, you can personalize the QR codes just the way you want without compromising your creativeness.

Our QR codes are capable of storing huge amounts of data and also offer high-speed scannability. To be specific, our QR codes can store more than 5000 characters.

Furthermore, our Online WiFi QR Code Generator comes with a feature called error correction that makes sure that the QR codes can be scanned properly even after they are damaged or dirty. Your guests or your visitors will never have any inconvenience while scanning them with their devices.

Users never have to worry about their data getting compromised as we prioritize their privacy more than anything else. Our Free WiFi QR Code Generator is designed in such a way that one does not have to have any technical knowledge to get started. You can just follow the simple instructions and create the QR codes within minutes.

Frequently asked question

  1. How can you describe a secure password?

    A secure password can be described as one that has at least 16 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

    Although to let you know, not all security types require you to have a special character in the password.

    But in case, your security type allows you to use the special characters, then make sure you definitely do.

  2. How can I scan the wifi QR code?

    The wifi QR codes can be easily scanned using any imaging device like smartphones.

    These days smartphones have QR code scanners or cameras with the autofocus functionality that makes scanning easier.

    In case, your device does not have a scanner, then you can download a third-party scanner from your preferred app store or browser.

  3. Where can you use the wifi QR codes?

    There are many places where the wifi QR codes created using our wifi QR code generator can be used.

    To be precise, some of its uses include cafes and restaurants, schools, universities, hotels, libraries, public facilities that have waiting areas, retail stores, or any business organization.

  4. What are some of the best things you can do while creating a wifi QR code?

    You get tons of options to be creative when it comes to using our wifi QR code generator.

    However, to be specific, the best thing you can do while creating a wifi QR code is to add an appropriate CTA.

    Other than that, make sure you add a design to the QR code, test scan it, and choose the right printing option that does not compromise its quality.

  5. Do I always have to use dark colors when customizing the QR codes?

    It is not mandatory to use dark colors when customizing the QR codes using our online wifi QR code generator. With our customization options, you get tons of colors to choose from.

    However, it is recommended to pick dark colors like black or blue over white base only because it makes scanning easier.